Dating Kermit...

Jeremy and I started officially dating on November 1st, 2010. 
Our first picture taken together to prove that I really had a boyfriend :)
After one of his ultimate frisbee games.
After we ate at Olive Garden we went on a freezing- cold walk in Idaho Falls.
Making one of his favorite meals, chicken cressants.

After we gave one another our Christmas gifts.
After we exchanged gifts for Christmas. 

He's converted :)

Before our plane ride in Colorado when I went to meet his family. 

At the Denver Zoo when I went to meet his family.
Dropping me off after my trip to Colorado.
A group date making gingerbread houses.
This was taken after a ward talent show. I had lipstick on trying to get it on his cheek :)

On the front porch of my house. LOVE this picture of us. 

The day I got my REAL RING. 

The night we got engaged. 

Trip to Twizzleberry with the roommates. 

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