I'm Engaged!

(I wrote this on my old blog when we got engaged. So I am just reposting it to this blog.)

"so let's go for a walk" 

This is what Jeremy said to me after he asked me what I was doing as we were walking to our cars. He had a flag football game.

Stacia and I went and we sat with Laci. During the game Jeremy came and sat down for a rest. He sat behind me. Stacia and I were switching CTR rings. Then Laci gave me her wedding ring and told me to try it on. So i did! of course I would. It is sooo pretty. I looked at it. I like it a lot. Then Jeremy played in the rest of his game. As we were walking to our cars (Stacia rode with me) Jeremy asked what I was doing, I said homework. Then he asked if I wanted to go on a walk. I said yes :) it's nice out finally, I would love to. I went home and fixed my hair. I looked terrible. I went to the Temple today (SUCH A GOOD DAY). I put on a jacket because it was a bit chilly out. When he came my roommates were watching The Devil Wears Prada.

We started walking. We were holding hands, when we were halfway across the parking lot he pointed to my doorstep and said, oh look! that's where we had our first kiss. I said yupp it sure is! Then we were crossing the street and he pointed behind us and said, Miss Piggy, that's where it happened back there. I said yupp it sure did. (I was thinking to myself. What is he trying to tell me..?) Then we kept walking and we got on the other side of the Clarke. He asked if I remembered where we first said I love you. I stopped right in the spot and said it was here. Then he said oh ok. (We reenacted what was said. It was cute). Then we kissed. Then we kept walking. On our way to the stadium beside the Hart he said oh yeah! this is where we had our first fight. I told him it wasn't a fight, I just got upset. Then we kept walking and we walked past the BYU-I Center, and on our way to the Benson. He said that he had to pee and so he asked if we could stop at the Benson. Little did I know he didn't just have to pee. (He had to fix the box that was in his sock!) I went and blew my nose because I have been sick. Then we walked through the Benson and around the Ricks to the Orchards that they planted there. He found the opening to the orchard. On our way up the sidewalk he started singing really loud. (Little did I know he did that to warn the others that we were coming!)

We walked into the opening and he started pointing things out on the right hand side, oh look strawberries! and pear trees! and apple trees! I was like oooh yeah. What?? Then I was looking at a tree and he asked if I remember what happened there. I stopped and said, "Jeremy, we've never been here." He said, "oh yeah this is when I propose to you." I was like whaaaat??!! oh my goodness!! are you serious??!!!! As he got down on one knee and said "Krystal Keller, I love you, Will you marry me?" I said "yes!" Then I held out my hand so he could put on the fake $8 Wal Mart ring on my ring finger!! I was like oh my goodness!! I just kept smiling!!

Then out pops Austin, Laci, Catman (Jacob) and Jayce. Austin taped the whole thing, he just started yelling haha. Laci gave me a hug. She was giving me advice on planning the wedding. AAHHH! Austin put the camera in my face and asked what I'm going to do next. I said, "I don't know... plan a wedding I guess!" AAHHHH!! I can't believe it! Austin also had a dozen roses that Jeremy bought for me :)

I'M ENGAGED!!!!!!!! This is so crazy to think about. On our way home I called my dad and he acted like he didn't know what I was talking about. My mom, T told her that T knew something was up, she called me today so see how i was doing! she doesn't do that very often. Then I called Korbin, he didn't answer, then I called Anton and told him and Korbin they were working together tonight. Then I started the phone calls. family, friends, old roommates. (Arianna Booth, Bonnie Ogles.. screamed in my ear for like a minute she is sooo excited) Mary Wright said that she was excited for me. I called Uncle Kris, Aunt Cindy, Aunt Julann, Misty Hoover (she was super excited for me), Katie Conant (who already knew!!)

Come to find out Tasia (my roommate) already knew! Jeremy has told everyone the last few days that he is going to propose to his girlfriend (ME!) haha. oh man. Clayton knew since last sunday. Jeremy told him when they were on their walk. Clayt had questions about the mission and Jeremy told him then. He knew!!!  :)

I also skyped Lezlie Willis, called Jessica Tohlman and Jacque Done both left messages with.  I called Breanna and Lydia (my sister in-laws) They were both way excited for me. They said if I need any help to let them know. Breanna said that she said that she wanted to ship my mom out here to help me plan the wedding because she doesn't want to be around when my mom is planning a wedding.

so yeah! I'm engaged. We started talking about dates and where! He said I get to decide. aahh!! this is crazy!!

We are going ring shopping on Saturday :) He said I have a limit. A very large limit! He said to get whatever I want. Tasia will be taking our engagements next Saturday! aahhh!!

I love Jeremy Ryan Pitchforth.

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